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polar bear biscuits

We hope you’re all ok.

You may notice a few changes to our bread offering. We’ve had to make a few changes for the near future, as we are running on a reduced number of staff in the kitchen.

We will have spelt bread on the weekends.

Let us know what you are missing especially and when we expand our range we will see if we can include it.

Take care, Andrea and the Loafer Team.

Delicious Ingredients

We use wonderful ingredients: organic and biodynamic flours, sugar, eggs and milk. Organic vegetables and fruits, grass fed organic beef, and locally grown products where possible.


Contact Us

146 Scotchmer Street
Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068

(+61) 03 9489 0766

Opening Hours

We encourage pre ordering through the webshop.
8.30am - 2pm Monday to Sunday

Delivery Service and Online Ordering Available


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